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The BLACKBURNE Double Strung Racquet Gives You The Edge — Because it has no Edge

To discuss buying a BLACKBURNE or to place your order, please ring:
1 441 292 2670 and have your credit card ready.

Visa or MasterCard only.

Order your Blackburne Double Strung by Phone, Fax or EmailBlackburne@northrock.bm

The DS107 model costs $199, including stringing, damper, and handsome Blue or Gray cover.  The six racket thermo bag is $49.95.

Shipping within the Continental USA is included — No charge for delivery.

Please note our delivery methods and returns policies.


Order Form Product Graphic

    Please fill out the form below and Submit it. We will call you to confirm, process and ship your order.

    If you prefer to order by fax, please print out the form and fax it to 1 441 292 4584.

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    No. and Street:
    Apt. or Suite:
    Zip Code:

    The DS107 Model is $199 including stringing, damper, and handsome cover:

    Shipping within the continental USA is included — no charge for delivery.

    Head Size:  107 Square Inches

    Your Grip Size: 
    See below for determining your grip size

    4 3/8 or #3
    4 1/2 or #4
    4 5/8 or #5

    Accessories for your BB racquet

    Thermo Six Racquet Blackburne Bag - $49.95

    Determining the Right Grip Size

    The Blackburne Double Strung RacquetTM conforms to conventional grip
    measurements. It is recommended that you measure the fit of your current racquet by
    gripping the tennis racket handle with your preferred playing hand and placing your index finger
    from your opposite hand in the space between your fingers and your palm. If your index finger
    fits comfortably, the grip is just right. If your finger will not fit, the grip is too small.

    If you do not have a racquet to measure against, you may measure the grip size by measuring
    the distance from the end of your ring finger to the middle crease line in the palm of your playing

    [the ‘clear’ option will erase your form entries]


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