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Tennis Instruction And Tips

Tennis Tips:  Getting the most from your Blackburne Double StrungTM

Getting the feel of your new Blackburne DS 107 or DS 97
Playing Hints

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Because of its unique construction, the Blackburne is well damped.  
Your racquet comes already fitted with our special vibration dampers, which enhance the 
wonderfully soft feel in play - a joy for those who are prone to tennis elbow.  
Unlike many dampers, you will note the damper does not protrude above 
the plane of strings, so shots on the throat are returned perfectly without deflection.

Getting the feel of your new Blackburne DS107. 
With anything new, and particularly if it is as revolutionary as the Double Strung Tennis Racquet, 
there is a short learning curve.  You will get the most out of your new Blackburne after 
you have played at least a dozen sets with it.

Once you have gotten used to its comfortable and solid feel, and what it can do for your game, 
you can never go back.  Returning to an old-fashioned centrally slung wide-body is like trying 
to play with an old wooden Dunlop Maxply or Wilson Kramer.  Remember?  You will curse 
the thing every time the ball hits the frame and you do a mis-hit.

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Playing Hints:  How to win more games sets and matches with your new Blackburne.
Firstly, you will find that your game will feel much more open and free, since the worries of 
hitting the frame are gone.  Your racquet has no protruding frame.  No more embarrassing 
and infuriating frame shots.  You will find indeed that your whole game will improve as you 
develop the racquet's advantages from your own personal experience on court.

Sliced Serve.  This is a service greatly under-used by amateur players.  Perhaps one of 
the reasons for this is that you often hit the trailing edge of the frame and the ball goes into 
the next court.  With your Blackburne you will find that you can get far more slice on your 
serve without the worry of hitting the frame.  The ball will swerve away nicely and you will 
strike it cleanly every time.  The same goes for the top-spin serve, so essential for a deep 
second service.

Flat Serve.  The pros like to hit the ball near the tip, since they know that is where 
the greatest racquet velocity is.  But occasionally you hit the tip of the frame and make 
a mis-hit.  With the Blackburne you can hit your serve half tip and half strings, and 
the serve will be good.

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Return of Service.  You will find that you will scrape back some of those fast 
sliced serves you would otherwise have hit on the frame.  Also, returning other 
heavily spinning balls is much easier.  You can control a kicking serve and 
return it with accuracy.  Excellent for that low chipped return.

Topspin forehand or backhand ground stroke.  No more mis-hits on 
the protruding trailing edge like on your old wide-body.  Those players who 
close the racquet early, with Western grip, will be very comfortable.  with 
the racquet face "closed," the hitting "window" is about 100% greater than 
on your old wide-body.  Yes 100%.  The more you close your Blackburne 
in preparation for a top spin, the greater the window in relation to the wide-body.

Volley.  Even the best players in the world hit the ball all over the frame, 
particularly in doubles.  Stretching for the passing shot, you should try and 
reach as far as you can, indeed over-reach, and then you will tend to connect 
with the middle of the strings.  Many players do not reach as far as they could, 
for fear of hitting the ball on the throat.  With your new Blackburne a ball hit half 
on the throat and half strings will be returned as a solid volley.

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Overhead and Smash.  You have greater reach with your new Blackburne 
than with any other racquet.  You can thus afford to go for overheads you might 
hitherto have left to your partner to chase down.  If you hit the ball on the tip, 
particularly of a wide-body, the shot will be fluffed and the ball will drop 
ignominiously at your feet or the bottom of the net.  With the Blackburne an 
overhead struck on the tip of the frame is usually a perfectly successful shot.  
Most players, even the pros, tend to wait till the ball bounces from a high lob.  
Hitting a rapidly falling ball with a wide-body is often a recipe for a failed overhead.  
With your Blackburne you have a time window around twice that with a wide-body.  
Yes twice.  So go for those overheads.  And really crack the ball.

Half-Volley.  Strike the ball early, almost the moment it hits the court.  
Most amateurs using wide-bodies tend to hit their half-volleys too late, 
for fear of striking the lower edge of the frame.  
With your Blackburne you can make half-volleys early with total confidence 
that you will hit the ball cleanly.  A sometimes difficult shot becomes an easy one.

Topped Lob.  Just close your Blackburne racquet and swing in an upwardly direction.  
A whole new world opens up to you as you watch the ball drop just inside 
the base-line and leap towards the stop-netting, while your opponents either shake 
their heads or scamper in vain.  More head shaking.  Amazing.

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Backspin Drop Shot.  This shot is used less and less these days.  
Perhaps the reason is that it is so difficult to impart any decent back spin 
with a wide-body without hitting the frame.  And a drop shot without back 
spin is often a pretty lame effort.  With your Blackburne you can cut 
the ball heavily, in the certain knowledge the ball will not catch the trailing edge of the frame.

In short, the name of the game is POINTS.  You'll find your new Blackburne 
will get you out of scrapes and earn you enough additional winners 
to give you more fun playing, and to help you win that extra critical point.

Tennis is perhaps the most difficult of games.  We hope your Blackburne 
will make it a little easier and a whole lot more fun.  Which really counts more than points, after all.

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