About Tennis

Tennis is a sport played with rackets, usually played in singles that is one on one or doubles that is two on two. Each player holds a top tennis racquets in their hands which has to hit a hollow ball that flips over a net from one side of the court to the other. Tennis originated in England in the latter half of the 19th century when it used to be called lawn tennis. In the Olympics, tennis is considered as a scheduled sports event. The biggest 4 tennis tournaments i.e. Grand Slams which are also popularly known as Majors are the most popular in the game of tennis:

  • The Australian Open (played on hard courts)
  • The French Open ( played on red coloured clay courts)
  • Wimbledon ( played on grass courts)
  • The US Open ( played on hard courts)

Info on the Top ATP Players

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) is a main governing body of tennis
which was established in 1972 and is headquartered in London. Here is a list of the
top players of ATP along with their rankings:

Ranking Country Player Age Points Tourn Played

1 Serbia Novak Djokovic 31 11,160 17

2 Spain Rafael Nadal 32 7,765 16

3 Germany Alexander Zverev 22 5,770 22

4 Switzerland Roger Federer 37 5,590 17

5 Austria Dominic Thiem 25 5,085 24

6 Russia Kevin Anderson 32 4,115 19

7 Japan Kei Nishikori 29 3,780 23

8 Argentina Juan Martin del Potro 30 3,225 14

9 USA John Isner 34 3,085 22

10 Greece Stefanos Tsitsipas 20 3,030 28

Tennis Equipment

  1. Blackburn tennis racket: the good quality black burned alloy of Blackburn Tennis racket makes it one of the top tennis racquets. It’s important to know how to string the top tennis racquets as the whole course of the game will depend on the tightening of the strings.
  2. Ball: the ball in the game is another important equipment after the top tennis racket.
  3. Net: the net is tied 3 feet above the ground in the center and is woven is a way so that the ball cannot pass through the net
  4. Wrist bands: it is tied so that the sweat from hands doesn’t pass to the tennis racket otherwise causing it to slip.
  5. Head Band: a headband or a tight cap made of absorbent material is used to keep the sweat and hair away from the face.
  6. Tennis shoes: wearing comfortable shoes is as important as holding a top tennis racquets for professionals. The shoe that gives more stability so that the player doesn’t slide while moving is important.
  7. Dress: pro players wear shirts or t-shirts made of polyester and women can wear anything that is comfortable. However, it advisable for beginners to wear comfortable clothes only.

Upcoming Tournaments Worldwide

As mentioned above, three out of the four most popular upcoming tournaments are yet to take place The Austria Open has already taken place in January this year.

  • Tournament MonthCity Country
  • French Open May – June Paris France
  • Wimbledon June – July London United Kingdom
  • US Open August – September New York the United States

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How to String a Top Tennis Racquet

There are a few steps that need to be followed to string a top tennis racquet:

  1. Get yourself an ideal stringing machine if you are a pro player. This cannot is done manually.
  2. Cut out 38- 40 feet of nylon string from the spool. Don’t make it any shorter than this
  3. Cut out the old broken strings from the racket
  4. Secure the racket carefully on the stringing machine
  5. Add the main strings first and then the cross strings
  6. End up with a finishing touch.

Tennis is a wonderful game that has made its place not just in the hearts of its admirers throughout the world but also the online casinos where you can play tennis themed slots games and get a casino bonus to bet on your favorite tennis star to earn real money. So this tennis season let your rackets do the talking.